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If you enjoy illustrated 3D erotic stories about young adults, read some of the best right here.
These stories all take place in an era in which we wish we had lived.
Art Class1 Bad Luck2 A Day In The Caribbean3 The Business Trip4 The Accidental Nudist Cabin5 Claire's Career6 A Very Private Club7 Summer Condo8 Dr. Dick9 The Doctor Is In10 Photographer Faye11 French Miss12 The Giant and The Fairy13 Nice Guys Finish Together14 Halloween Strip15 Holly Grows Up16 Stiff Competition17 Secrets Of Our Old House18 Sis-in-law Incentives19 Island Castaways20 The Ultimate Massage21 Thanks22 A Giant and His Little Playmates23 My One Night Stand Week-end24 A Different Kind of Order25 Up The School Nurse26 The Nymph's Pool27 A Chance To Advance28 A Little Prompting29 Accidentally In Paradise30 A Day In The Park31 Party Time32 The Interview33 The Proper Rules For Strip Poker34 A Day At The Pool35 I Let Him Into Her Quim36 Road Trip37 Roommates or More38 A Dat At School39 School Photos40 A Little Help From My Little Sister41 While Steven's Asleep42 A Star Is Born--Naked43 Subway Ride44 Having Fun On The Subway45 The New Swimsuit46 Tennis Anyone?47 Theory & Practice48 Truth or Dare49 I Let A Tranny Into My Cranny50 The Trophy Wife51 The Twelve Nights of Xmas52 The Beach House53 Mary XXXmas54
Scenes from our stories.
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Feed Back

very good and interesting story, amazing graphic

Nice stories

why all the stories are not in download part ?

Thank you for pointing that out. They are all there now.

That was a promising story. It is a shame it was not finished. Is that a chance you will work it out with the author and bring it back to finish.

I hope so.

Bonjour, Pour quand la suite de l'histoire de la partie de tennis..... ? Tr?s beau design et belle histoire. Merci

Our latest story has been removed from this site at the request of the author.

why can't I see the new story anymore? last updated on the 16th

Our latest story has been removed from this site at the request of the author.

please,go on!!!

Nice start, but wen it was getting good the temporary end. its clear she wantas to distract him to win so she should not be wearing a braw.


great little story. but I really love how the animations are improving

I injoy them a lot wish I could do this

Between animations/quim_01_09a/ quim_01_09a.html and quim_01_10.html There is a definite change in the color of Helen's hair.

on quim_01_31.html Helen's hair has changed color again.

Yes, Helen spends her entire salary on her hair.

fantastic lesbian story, perfect animations, I'd like to read an italian version of the text. good story indeed. Bye.

Where is the end?

The illustrations are not yet finished. Come back tomorrow.

Loved the story, wish you would continue it. the sequel could go in so many different ways.

Great story. Seems like treating people nice gets you laid a lot. i like that.

I check this site everyday for new content the illustrations are that good. It is a nice change of pace to watch believable fantasies unfold with great writing and artwork instead of fake acting like the rest of the internet. This website even gave me ideas to try out with my girlfriend. Can't wait to read the next update!

Love it. Nice storie and subperly drawn.

When I started reading "The Nymph's Pool", I thought it sounded familiar. I read the story on Literotica a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good story for your site. I really enjoyed "Island Castaways" and "The Accidental Nudist Cabin". In Castaways, my only issue is the lizards you show look like gila monsters instead of an iguana. Thank you for great illustrations. Jack

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