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If you enjoy illustrated 3D erotic stories about young adults, read some of the best right here.
These stories all take place in an era in which we wish we had lived.
High School Harem001a Seven Little College Girls001b Back To Secret Agent School001c Coeds At Camp001 Fisher's Catch002 Hobson's Choice003 Wanda004 Staycation005 Pool Payments56 Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter57 The Seven Year Bitch58 Double Visions59 Poolboy Benefits60 Art Class1 Bad Luck2 A Day In The Caribbean3 The Business Trip4 The Accidental Nudist Cabin5 Claire's Career6 A Very Private Club7 Summer Condo8 Dr. Dick9 The Doctor Is In10 Photographer Faye11 French Miss12 The Giant and The Fairy13 Nice Guys Finish Together14 Halloween Strip15 Holly Grows Up16 Stiff Competition17 Secrets Of Our Old House18 Sis-in-law Incentives19 Island Castaways20 The Ultimate Massage21 Thanks22 A Giant and His Little Playmates23 My One Night Stand Week-end24 A Different Kind of Order25 Up The School Nurse26 The Nymph's Pool27 A Chance To Advance28 A Little Prompting29 Accidentally In Paradise30 A Day In The Park31 Party Time32 The Interview33 The Proper Rules For Strip Poker34 A Day At The Pool35 I Let Him Into Her Quim36 Road Trip37 Roommates or More38 A Day At School39 School Photos40 A Little Help From My Little Sister41 While Steven's Asleep42 A Star Is Born--Naked43 Subway Ride44 Having Fun On The Subway45 The New Swimsuit46 Tennis Anyone?47 Theory & Practice48 Truth or Dare49 I Let A Tranny Into My Cranny50 The Trophy Wife51 The Twelve Nights of Xmas52 The Beach House53 Mary XXXmas54 Jim and Uncle John55
Scenes from our stories.
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Feed Back

absolutely fantastic 3d artwork, and great stories

Why does every story have to be in members area can u plz make 1 or 2 stories available every 3 months at least.

Good idea. The entire story, My Summer With Cindy now appears in the general area and the Members area.

Hi I am glad to see that your site is still up. When I brought my "new" computer all my address were lost. Will restart membership. Please keep up the good work.

Really enjoying the decision tree stories. Appreciate the logic stories are probably harder to construct - but missing your regular picture stories too!

love the subway ride. drawings are so sexy. can't wait to see what happens on the subway ride home. keep up the great work. very erotic

You're doing a terrific job on Back to Secret Agent School! It's easy to see how much more work you must put into this story than most. The options to choose a character's point of view, and follow different paths through the story, make it much more fun than following a straight line story. Thank you for taking this on, and hopefully you can do more of these multi-threaded stories in the future.

I just stumbled upon your site and I'm really digging your stories, and I want to join. My question is do you still update these stories? Like weekly new stories? What am I getting by signing up? How do other members feel about this site? I couldn't find any reviews. How long has this site being going for? Like when was the first story published? Sorry I just like to know about a site before I become a member.

All good questions. This site got started six years ago in 2010. Not everybody was happy with us at that time. Check this thread: We try to publish one new story each month with at least one new chapter each week. The 63 stories we have published contain 28,295 illustrations.

Still waiting for the next chapter! I am enjoying the plot, and the beauty of the red head ladies. Thank you!

Excellent story and of course the illustrations are top notched as always. Thankk both of you

Another excellent installment as always, although part of me wants to know if you're ever going to do a sequel to Photographer Faye? It seemed primed for one in the ending and it is one of my favorite stories here.

Hope for part 2 of Photographer Faye

love having the visual while reading the text. I think having read most of these stories it's really neat & erotic with the illustrations this time.

Another story! Fisher's choice. Brilliant. More more more. Enjoy your work immensely.

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